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Real-estate inspections and
other assistance regarding property asset management

Why should you inspect buildings?

Real estate should be inspected before you decide to purchase or sell it, plan different use or opt for other major changes with regard to the property. Our reports are useful for clients particularly in the following situations:
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DueDiligence Slovenia
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Before purchasing real estate

When performing inspections commissioned by potential buyers of property, we pay particular attention to latent defects and checking the accuracy of information listed in the sales brochure. We advise the buyer on the realistic value of the property, potential yield and the possibility to redesign or expand buildings. When purchasing a greater number of properties, we prepare a combined portfolio enabling simple and transparent comparison.
Property sales

Our report provides information on the condition and value of the property, which will help you decide on the sale. Because our reports are prepared by relevant independent experts, they provide reliable and faithful basic information on the attributes of a property.

We pay particular attention to revealing possible defects and to the documentation that might suspend or halt the sale, causing unnecessary costs, and defects greatly affecting the price, while rectifying them is not costly. 
Sales of new developments

When selling units in new developments, it is prudent to discover all defects of the building that the construction company and equipment providers are obliged to rectify within the maintenance period. Potential defects are given special attention, as they can lower the value of the building, while their rectification does not impose new costs on the owner.
Company disinvestment

When disinvesting due to unfavourable business results, companies must determine which properties would be prudent to sell and which should be kept to keep the business going. Such a decision must be based on accurate and reliable information on the condition of the property.    

Therefore, we prepare an extensive and detailed overview of all properties owned by the disinvesting company with special attention on their value, yield, capacities and management methods, and particularly the condition and irregularities that might suspend or halt their sales or significantly lower the prices.
Insufficient yield

If a property does not bring a sufficient return on the investment, we check how accurate the estimated yield was, and reveal possible  defects or irregularities in the operation, use or management that decrease yield, while also performing an economic analysis that can provide the basis for making decisions on possible changes of use.
In case of changed use or redesigns
Because DueDiligence brings together several architectural and engineering firms (architects, construction, electrical and mechanical engineers, etc.) we offer the preparation of complete project documentation needed to acquire a building permit and carry out construction work if you decide to change the use of property or redesign it.
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