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Real-estate inspections and
other assistance regarding property asset management
Project documentation for changes of facilities 
Within the scope of real-estate crisis management, we also offer the preparation of documentation for renovations, redesign, extensions and remodelling.
a) Change of property use

Redesign of buildings, which has become unprofitable or uninteresting for the buyers. Examples include:

  • redesigning an office high-rise into a hotel
  • redesigning an apartment building into sheltered housing
  • redesigning a hostel into a nursing home

b) Redesigning properties into properties for leasing/several tenants

Redesigning properties that cannot be sold or leased as a single building if their existing design does not enable partial sale or lease. Examples include:

  • redesigning a management building into an office building for leasing office space
  • redesigning a large supermarket into a shopping mall with several smaller shops
c) Redesigning residential units in apartment buildings

Redesigning residential units that cannot be sold on the market. Examples include:

  • merging several smaller units into a bigger ones
  • separating big units into smaller ones
  • redesigning units from family homes into student residences
d) Improving buildings

Visual, technical and functional redesigns of buildings whose current condition does not respond to contemporary standards or style. Examples include:

  • graphic redesign of a façade and visual refurbishment of inside areas of public buildings
  • insulating the facades of older multi-unit residential buildings
e) Increasing building capacities

Horizontal or vertical extension to acquire more space and increase the value of existing area. Examples include:

  • adding outside seating areas to bars or restaurants in malls
  • extending multi-unit residential buildings with terraces
  • vertical extension of commercial and residential buildings with penthouses
f) Building renovation projects

Based on the findings in the reports on buildings we can also devise a renovation method or redesign. In accordance with the wishes of the client, we can provide the design idea or manage the project and provide comprehensive documentation for building and operating permits.
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