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Real-estate inspections and
other assistance regarding property asset management
Sworn propetry appraisals

Property appraisal is carried out and presented in a format that the client can use to obtain a mortgage loan or establish liquidation value needed in judicial proceedings, to present to authorities or in other proceedings.

The official appraisal is performed by a sworn appraiser (for the area of construction and general property) licensed by the Ministry of Justice, and is presented as a report on official appraisal
a) Sales comparison approach

Sales comparison approach (SCA) is based on the principle of supply and demand, and summarises comparable data on sold and advertised real estate, making adjustments for the appraised real-estate in accordance with available information. SCA presents value by comparing the appraised subject with the same or similar subject, for which information is available. It recognises that asset value is determined by the market, and considers the sales of similar or substitute assets, related market information and the processes that include comparison.

Sales comparison approach is useful when the client seeks to find out the market value of the real estate or how much the real estate is worth on an exact day according to market analyses.

b) Income approach

Income approach shows value by discounting future cash flows to give their present value.  Income capitalisation uses procedures that base current value on future benefits from yield. This method is only used if significant comparable data are available. It is particularly important for all types of assets bought and sold on the basis of their yield and characteristics and when market-supported information is included in the analysis. This approach presents the value of a property on an exact day when used for profit (leasing, superficies, etc.).

c) Cost approach

Cost approach relies on the construction cost and can provide a guideline for distinguishing between such value and market value. It is based on the principle of substitution and the premise that an informed client will not pay more for a property than it would cost to build an equivalent with the same use. This method also encompasses depreciated cost method.

This method is useful if a client wishes to know how much the total costs of building a real-estate would be, spanning from public utilities fee to actual construction, or when the client is interested in the value of an existing building, considering physical, economic and functional depreciation. It is also very useful when the client require a separate appraisal of the land and the building.
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