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Real-estate inspections and
other assistance regarding property asset management

Due diligence inspection is the core of our offer. The purpose of a due diligence audit is to provide comprehensive information about, and an analysis of, a property. A due diligence audit includes the following reports:
a) Property portfolio

A comprehensive description of the property is intended to inform the owner or potential buyer about its basic properties: location, access, size, architecture, curtilage, serviceability, sustainability, structures and installed materials, electrical and utility installations and devices, management methods, etc.
Examples of the report: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05

b) Red flag report

An informative report that is usually made immediately after the first visit of the property. It lists major weaknesses noticed during the visit, which should be eliminated before the final report is made. These are usually the main obstacles, which could prevent the sale of the property.

Examples of the report: 01 | 02
c) Due diligence report

This is the main part of the due diligence inspection. It includes inspection of capacities, serviceability, condition, architectural and technical properties, electrical and utility installations, documentation and permits, management methods and basic review of construction and fire safety.

The focus is on deficiencies and errors which might impede or prevent sale, lower property value, increase regular maintenance costs or breach legislation. The review also presents future expected investment and maintenance costs.

Examples of the report: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04
d) Review of the property’s floor areas

A detailed audit of floor areas categorised into usable, communication and service areas, and a separate review of any leased areas. The review is made on the basis of available documentation, while it is also possible to order measurements of existing areas at location.

Examples of the report: 01 | 02
e) Property documentation report

A comprehensive review and classification of available documentation about the property with emphasis on legally required documentation (permits, inspection and maintenance reports, PID and POV) and compulsory documents, which, if failed to present, might suspend the sale of the real estate or cause management difficulties.

Examples of the report: 01 | 02
f) Report on estimated value of the property

An estimate which provides information about the property’s market price. The estimate is made by comparing the actual selling price of similar properties recently sold on the market. The estimate is made by an authorised appraiser accredited by the Institute of Internal Auditors.
The reports cover all the characteristics of the property, including its condition, value and maintenance costs. One of the aims of the reports is to reveal hidden errors or weaknesses which can stall or stop property sales, which saves the owner a lot of costs and unpleasant situations during sale.
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