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Real-estate inspections and
other assistance regarding property asset management
Documentation analysis 

a) Legal review of the property

The review summarises the legal aspects of a real estate based on contracts and entry into land register.

It is practical particularly in case of unclear land registry entries (notices and restrictions, easement not entered for a part of the building, actual use not entered etc). It is also useful when owners are entered as owning the entire property, while it is actually a condominium and strata titles should be arranged.
b) Economic analysis

In MSOV 2011, economic analysis is defined as the most profitable use of assets that is physically possible, justified, legal and financially viable and which present the highest value of appraised property. 

It is useful when the client does not know the possible developments or uses of a site, as it present the best options. The analysis is performed by a sworn property appraiser.

c) Renovation cost estimate

Renovation cost estimate is prepared as an itemised list with specified prices based on a renovation project. We do not provide cost estimates that are not based on a concrete project, as we find them unreliable.

d) Reviewing project documentation for planned new development

The review includes checking the functional suitability and use of a planned development regardless of the extend of project documentation (IDP, PGD, PZI). With the help of the review, the investor can decide to proceed with the construction of a development, sell the site or amend the project documentation.

e) Auditing project documentation for planned new development

Auditing project documentation means checking if the building is built in accordance with legislation. This type of auditing is defined in the Construction Act, but is no longer compulsory for acquiring a building permit.
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