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Real-estate inspections and
other assistance regarding property asset management
Site analysis 
A site analysis is intended to inform the client about the possibilities of using a site, considering the relevant environment and spatial legislation, location and properties of the site.

Depending on the type of property and intended structure or construction (vacant site, enlargement of an existing structure, etc.), one of the following reports is drawn up:

  • Site portfolio
  • Report on the site’s potential for development
  • Site valuation report
  • Site planning for a potentional development

a) Site portfolio
A comprehensive description of a vacant site, which informs the client about its basic physical attributes (location, access, size, terrain), potential for development (possible use, attractiveness of the location) and legal considerations (relevant legislation on spatial development and constructions).

b) Report on the site’s potential for development

A report on the possibility to expand the existing structures or build new ones considering the relevant legislation on spatial development and constructions, site attributes and any other possible considerations. It is recommended that this is prepared together with the analysis of the most efficient use and property valuation.

c) Site valuation report

A report which is an appraisal based on sales comparison, cost approach and income valuation methods. It is performed by a sworn appraiser.

d) Site planning for a potential development

Site planning analysis, which includes evaluating the building setting, the location potential and restrictions, connection to utility and transport infrastructure and potential capacities of a new development. The evaluation is prepared in the form a site plan including a report.
Some of our references:
Each section of the report is authorised by the responsible person (inspection manager or relevant engineer), which ensures that the potential buyer receives reliable information about the site.
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