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Real-estate inspections and
other assistance regarding property asset management
Measurements and testing 
As part of our inspections of buildings, we also provide the following services, which are not included in the basic offer, as requested by the client:

  • Floor area measurements
  • Measurements and testing
  • Review and analysis of fire safety
  • Inspection and analysis of construction suitability

a) Floor area measurements

Measurements of existing floor areas on-site. It is sensible when different documents (project documentation, lease contracts, land registry) list different information on floor areas, and the building is valued according to the price of a square meter.

b) Measurements and testing

Measurements of thermal and sound insulation, emissions of harmful substances and the like, which are performed by specialised companies. The owner of the building can order measurements separately or as part of due diligence audits.

c) Review and analysis of fire safety

A detailed review focusing on building safety in case of fire, which is conducted by authorised fire safety engineer. The study includes a review of the fire safety study, which was the basis for issuing the building and operating permits. Improving fire safety is also recommended for lowering insurance premiums.

d) Inspection and analysis of construction suitability

A detailed analysis of whether a construction is suitable (basic analysis is included in the due diligence report) performed via a comprehensive review and measurements of the condition of the construction.

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